About Us

Our Homestead, Your Family

We are a family that has had it with the rat race. One day we asked, "Are we working to live or living to work?" At that moment, we realize that everything had to change. So we sold our home in Sonoma County, California and purchased a small, 5-acre property here in Sacramento County and are steadily turning it into a working farm we lovingly call Old Homestead Hideaway. We will do nothing as usual, follow no one and make our own decisions as to what is good and right for our family. And after that, we just want to share it with you.

The strategy for improving life here on the homestead is heavily focused on the food we produce. Everything we grow and raise has to be healthy. Here are two of the ways we make sure to stay on the right track:

  • Pesticide-free – We are a pesticide-free farm and always will be. Why? The ground can only produce good food if kept clean. Pesticides not only seep into the ground, but they can become airborne, seep into the water supply, and even penetrate our skin; creating a poisonous environment for all that feed on the food the Earth produces.
  • Healthy soil – What we put into it is evident in what we get out of it. We’ve added all organic matter to the soil from the beginning, and continue to amend it with organic compost and mulch only as needed each year. Our well water is clean and we use a tried-and-true crop rotation method to keep soil-borne diseases at bay.
Look Who's Crafty

Our family is always looking for all things natural and organic because we know it means a healthier and happier life. One of the most recent ideas put into action is crafting crates, totes, furniture and more out of reclaimed wood or fallen trees milled here at home. When we first moved to the homestead, there were many trees that were fallen (or already dead) that we brought with us. And then we found a great deal on craigslist for a sawmill and we've been crafty ever since.

Pesticide-free, in season, real food. Healthy, environmentally-friendly, handcrafted products. It’s what we envisioned from the beginning and what we continue to strive for today.

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