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About Us

We are a family that has had it with the rat race. One day we asked, “Are we working to live or living to work?”... (read more)

About Our Soap

Your skin and pure coconut oil have a partnership that was meant to be. The combination of oils and fat (like vitamin E) create a healthy skin treatment, and can be applied directly or in combination... (read more)

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Large Black and Tamworth Heritage Hogs!

IMG_4425.2015-03-19_233120We've expanded our family by adding a boar and sow heritage hog breeding pair that will soon have a litter for our homestead. We expect to have piglets for sale later this year. We chose two endangered breeds for a good mix right now and will concentrate on breeding purebreds at some point in the future.

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Meet Jack and Tammy

See how we housed them for free. Click here


LBHALBHA Bio Excerpt: We are a new homestead starting with heritage chickens, one registered Large Black boar and one unregistered Tamworth sow. Soon we will be adding a registered Large Black sow, heritage turkeys and cows. Our boar, Jack, is from the Noble Sam/Prudence line.

Latest Blog

Shingle To The Left, Shingle To The Right

How would you describe the work of a homesteader? DIYer? Permaculturalist? Farmer? Gardener? Homemaker? Builder? All of the above? Well, this is how I would describe my hubby: Modifier. He is a person who truly thinks out of the box and can take anything and make it better! With that said, this post is about…