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Pickling: Onions, Zukes And Jalapenos

Yowza! That’s the word of the month. A little while back, you wouldn’t find me in the kitchen due to how much gardening I had to do. (Not to mention the big event that has now come and gone.) I took every shortcut and pulled out all my tricks for lots of quick meals since time was too precious to waste. But now that things have settled down, the plants are busy doing their growing thing and the next event is a few weeks away, I can relax and enjoy being inside again. I decide it’s time to find a few new recipes to tackle since I have a booming garden and meals are practically free. Makes the homesteader in me very proud. I take a (leisurely) stroll in my garden and see this:

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Wood Ash: A Hen’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

Trying to go Au naturel in providing everything your chickens need for good heath? It’s hard to do isn’t it? So what about using DE (Diatomaceous Earth) for mite prevention? It’s a natural substance so it should be okay to use, right? Well, do you raise your own bees? Do you depend on them in your garden? Then you’ll have to give the DE a rest (or take extra special care with it) since it seriously affects the bee population too, sometimes killing them. But don’t give up yet, there is a better way.

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