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The homestead really needs our attention right now, so we're closing up the shop
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We are a family that has had it with the rat race. One day we asked, “Are we working to live or living to work?”... (read more)

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Large Black/Tamworth Heritage Gilts For Sale

IMG_4425.2015-03-19_233120We have 2 Large Black/Tamworth (cross) gilts for sale that are ready to breed. If you are interested, contact us to buy yours today.

Learn more about raising and breeding your own pigs: Blog: Runnin' On Swine Time.

Meet Jack and Tammy

See how we housed them for free. Click here

Coming soon: Large Black/Mangalitsa piglets. Starting at $150.


LBHALBHA Bio Excerpt: We are a new homestead starting with heritage chickens, one registered Large Black boar and one unregistered Tamworth sow. Soon we will be adding a registered Large Black sow, heritage turkeys and cows. Our boar, Jack, is from the Noble Sam/Prudence line.

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Let's Talk Turkey

Turkeys are easy and profitable. They forage all day long as they roam around playing follow the leader. Even if you have to keep them in a turkey tractor or run, notice when one starts to walk the others follow. It's the fowl version of a pack animal. They'll eat nothing but bugs, grass and…