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All specialty soaps (by the slice) on sale.

Locals: For Sale

Large Black Heritage/Tamworth cross piglets starting at $250

IMG_4425.2015-03-19_233120We are currently selling pigs as of May, 2017. If you are interested, contact us to buy yours today.

Learn more about raising and breeding your own pigs: Blog: Runnin' On Swine Time.

Meet The Hogs

See how we house them for (almost) free. Click here

Animals for sale on this page for local customers. This list can also be found on our Craigslist listings for the Central California regions.

A Site For Farmgirls

Are you a woman who loves to farm? You take care of everyone and somehow forget to take care of you, right? We know. Stop by OHH Farmgirl where your health and well being is our top priority. Join our community and get the support you need from farmgirls just like you.

Support for your lifestyle is just a click away.
Latest Blog - Gophers Be Gone! (Or, How We Shut Out The Enemy)
There's this thing that I have not mastered by any means. It's called patience. It's the quality of being patient, as the bearing of provocation, annoyance, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation, or the like. Hmm, well that'll get me nowhere…


Building A Homestead

Are you thinking of starting a homestead? Slowly but surely we too are making the dream come true. You probably realize that the idea of homesteading is to become as independent as possible, but it is also about community and helping each other. What a cool thought; connecting to other homesteaders and forming a real network, so that none of us need or want for anything.
If our homestead was a neighborhood it would have four distinct subdivisions of interest: Our home, the workshop, the gardens and the animal spaces. Raising and growing your own food is probably the most important part of becoming a bit more self-sufficient and if you have the room, we say just go for it!
Another super-important part of homesteading is the DIY side of it all. We've been using our own concoctions for everything from homemade deodorant to mite control dust for the chickens. And there are many sites online where you can download plans for building your own barn, coop and more.
So what's the biggest accomplishment this year? Getting back to putting up. It's how to distinguishing a hobbyist from a homesteader. Think canning, dehydrating, freezing and cold storage. And it's fun too! Add fermenting and curing to the list and you've just stepped into the serious homesteader's zone. (Read Our Blog)
Do a little bit or just go for it! Buy a large farm, a few acres or use your current balcony full of planters. It all works! Hope all goes well for ya.
Happy homesteading from our family at Old Homestead Hideaway!